Quick Turnaround on Precipitation Hardening by Metals Engineering

Heat Treatment Option Enhances Cast PH Stainless Steels

Commercial heat treater Metals Engineering, Inc., leverages its operational flexibility to provide precipitation hardening services with turnaround times that rank among the quickest in the industry. Metals Engineering, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, performs precipitation hardening of PH grades of stainless steels for a variety of industrial applications including gears, cutlery, shafting, aircraft parts, medical devices and more.

“We have a full range of equipment that can heat PH stainless steels to whatever aging condition the customer specifies,” said Ted Kemen, owner and CEO of Metals Engineering. “The precipitation hardening process yields a product that usually does not need to be machined or ground afterward because it holds its size and shape.”

Quality management software enables Metals Engineering technicians to measure key quality data and deliver consistent, repeatable results. The company’s furnaces heat parts to temperatures ranging from 900 to 1,150 degrees, with prescribed treatments at 25-degree increments.

Metals Engineering uses precipitation hardening to treat a variety of PH stainless steels, including 17-4PH, 17-7PH and 15-5 and 13-8.

“PH stainless steel can be hardened by a single low-temperature heat treatment that virtually eliminates surface scaling and distortion,” Kemen said. “We’re capable of running any of the aging processes on pieces that are up to 102 inches wide and 228 inches long.”

Metals Engineering is a leading commercial heat treater, performing a comprehensive set of processes including carburizing and stress relieving for a wide range of industrial applications. The company also offers carbonitriding, a modified version of the carburizing process that leverages the molecular properties of nitrogen in addition to carbon.

About Metals Engineering, Inc.

Metals Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008-certified commercial heat treater with facilities in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin. The company offers a wide range of heat treatment capabilities designed to meet stringent customer requirements. For more information on Metals Engineering’s capabilities or to request a quote, go to https://metalsengineering.com/ or call 920-339-8590.