Metals Engineering to Commission New Blast Booth

Metals Engineering to Commission New Blast Booth


(January 23, 2018)


Metals Engineering has scheduled the installation and commissioning of a new 24-foot blast booth in February of 2018 at the company’s Green Bay, WI facilities.  Steel grit will be the primary media deployed to rapidly remove scale, oxidation, paint, and other undesirable finish blemishes from parts and materials. With the commissioning of the booth, Metals Engineering will transition parts/materials directly from heat-treating to blasting and clean-up, which will eliminate the cost of transporting the part to a third-party blast location or the need for customers to blast in-house.  Metals Engineering will also offer blasting services to the broader market, for the clean-up and surface prep of parts that do not require heat-treating.  In complement to the new blasting operation, the company is offering the application of an environmentally-friendly rust-preventative coating to protect the parts during transit and subsequent staging.


Booth Dimensions:  24’6” L x 10’ H x 11’8” W

Max Part Weight:  20,000 lbs.

Media:  Steel grit/shot (other media may also be used)