Metals Engineering now offers blasting! Based on our customer’s needs, we have invested in the latest blasting technology to provide an additional service in your manufacturing process.

After your parts are heat treated, our blasting process eliminates scale and residue, adds texture to surfaces and helps strip away other contaminates that can be present after heat treatment. Blasting helps make your operations easier after heat treating such as machining and painting. It also gives parts an aesthetically pleasing matte finish. We also will blast parts that do not require heat treating.

Save a step in your manufacturing process and have Metals Engineering blast your part(s) today!

Blasting capabilities:

Spinner-Hanger Blaster: hold parts up to 48″ dia x 60″ tall – Steel blast
Large Cabinet Blaster: 8′ W X 20′ L X 8′ H – Steel blast
Small Cabinet Blaster: 30″ W X 16″ D – glass / sand blast
Panghorn Tumble Blaster: Small parts – steel shot
Vibratory Tumble – stone / sand blast

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