Metals Engineering Offers High-Quality Induction Hardening

Custom Tooling Complements Electrical Current Heating Capabilities

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Metals Engineering, Inc., a commercial heat treater based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides specialized induction hardening services for a wide range of industrial applications.

Induction hardening uses electrical current to selectively harden specific areas of metal parts such as the outside and inside diameters of shafts, splines, rollers, and the teeth on gears and sprockets. Specific tooling can be made to accommodate unique hardness profiles as well.

“Induction hardening is commonly specified to provide wear resistance and surface hardness which results in greater life for our customers’ parts. Induction hardening minimizes the distortion of the part compared to other heat treating processes,” said Ted Kemen, owner and CEO of Metals Engineering. “In addition to our stock equipment, we have custom tooling built to meet specific customer requirements for induction hardening.”

Metals Engineering technicians use quality management software that measures key quality data and programs digital hold tags for consistent, repeatable results. The heat treatment technology enables delivery of exceptional quality for customers in a wide range of industries.

“We have made significant capital investments into our induction department over the past two years, including advanced quality software, redesigned tooling, updated operator interface, new power supplies and a new cooling tower,” Kemen said. “These improvements have increased our repeatability, quality and throughput.”

Induction hardening provides an additional option for heat treating steel at specific rates and within tight tolerances. Metals Engineering’s heat treatment capabilities enhance iron and steel alloys for parts as large as 15 inches in diameter, 48 inches in length, and 450 pounds. Common steels used for induction hardening are 1045, 1141, 1144, 4140, 4150, 4340, and 52100.

Case depths of up to .375 of an inch can be achieved with the proper type of material. Metals Engineering lab technicians have the ability to perform the necessary microhardness and microstructure inspections per industry and customer specifications. Certifications of hardness and case depth can then be produced if required.

About Metals Engineering, Inc.

Metals Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008-certified commercial heat treater with facilities in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin. The company offers a wide range of heat treatment capabilities designed to meet stringent customer requirements. For more information on Metals Engineering’s capabilities or to request a quote, go to or call 920-339-8590.