Annealing Metal Parts Improves Machinability

Metals Engineering Uses Heat Treatment Technology to Soften Metal

The words flexible and metal provide opposing visuals when it comes to industrial components, but annealing metal parts is a necessary heat treatment prior to machining in the manufacturing process. Metals Engineering, Inc. is a leading provider of annealing metal for customers throughout North America.

An ISO 9001-compliant commercial heat treater based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Metals Engineering provides industrial customers with annealing and other heat treatment services that feature some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

“Annealing metal and iron parts is one of our core areas of expertise,” said Ted Kemen, owner and CEO of Metals Engineering. “Our customers depend on us to deliver the enhanced machinability and hardness characteristics they need for high-quality end products.”

The annealing process involves heating parts to a specific temperature, holding the temperature steady for a set amount of time, and then cooling at a controlled rate. Steel and iron parts that have gone through the annealing process are softer, making them easier to cut and shape.

Annealed metal parts feature a refined microstructure that minimizes the risk of cracking during cold working. The process also enhances the electrical conductivity of metal parts for applications that rely on this characteristic.

Full annealing, subcritical annealing, and spheroidizing are all processes performed in Metals Engineering’s furnaces. The processes can be performed in open fire furnaces or under a protective gas to prevent scaling. Annealing of forgings, bar stock, plate, and tubular product is performed to obtain optimum microstructures for machining.

“The heat treating capabilities we have at our two facilities enable us to handle large and small metal parts,” Kemen said. “We provide the consistent metal characteristics our customers need for exceptional performance.”

About Metals Engineering, Inc.

Metals Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008-compliant commercial heat treater with facilities in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin. The company offers a wide range of heat treatment capabilities designed to meet stringent customer requirements. For more information on Metals Engineering’s capabilities or to request a quote, go to or call 920-339-8590.